It has been ringing in our ears about being skinny, petite, and having a size 0 figure. The whole world’s focus was on such models and their outfit. It has been everyone’s dream to have such a physique. These days we hear the media has changed its focus on to those curvy plus sized ladies. The increased attention on such voluptuous models is heard of recently. The fashion industry was always focussed on chic models, but now is turning their focus on plus-size fashion.

Plus size clothes are specifically for women whose body size is proportionately big as compared to an average woman. These sizes of women's clothes are referred to as outsize clothes. This word had lost its favor. Now a word 'curvy' for such plus size clothes is gaining more publicity and is accepted. It is less offensive to those wearing plus-size clothes. Curvy has caught the eye of media and market and increasing brands are now into designing these clothes. A similar term for men's plus size clothes is big and tall which is accepted well by the critics

The word plus size is a misnomer. In fashion industry, size 8 and above are considered as plus size. In the real world, the plus-size clothes don't start until size 16. There are several brands that have plus-size clothes in store. In India, the fashionable plus-size brands are Jabong, Pluss, Amadeus, Last inch, Stalk buy love, Mustard fashion, Dressberry, Zivame. All these brands have plus-size fashion for the Indian Curvy women. Jabong is the only online brand that has clothes of all designs for all the varied plus size ladies. It has t-shirts, dresses, party wear blouses and a lot more.

Pluss is a perfect place for curvy ladies.  They have all clothes in a variety of sizes. They own their own website and are also available in other online shopping portals. Amydus is a place to look for short skirts, maxi dress, formal wear, long kurtas, trousers, and printed shirts. Though the collection is not huge, they have a whole lot to make a curvy lady to appealing. The last inch has shorts and pajamas which are a rare find.

They do have some interesting dresses. Stalk buy love has a wide range of curvy clothes. They have dungarees to skirts to maxi dresses. To help the working individuals flaunt in style, Mustard fashion is recommended. They have nice tops and kurtas which can be worn on a daily basis, are not flashy. Dressberry is another online brand and is not priced heavily.

They have all sorts of fashion wear required for a plus size lady. The best place to look perfect from inside out is Zivame. With a wide range of lingerie and innerwear, they top the list for plus size innerwear. Zivame has a good fitting bra for every shape and size. A good supportive bra will make the clothes look good even for curvy ladies.

Finding plus-size clothes was a hurdle for the huge fashion divas. Now with the increasing awareness about the outsize models in the fashion industry, all stores have plus-sized clothing. In spite of this in a recent survey, it is seen that the storekeepers hesitate to stock on plus-size clothes and accessories.  This is because there is a belief that these ladies do not tend to buy clothes often. Therefore the chances of selling these clothes are less. So the plus-size clothes make up only about 16 to 18 percent of the total stock.

With changing trends in fashion industry, most retailers are pushing for change. They are stocking up on all size clothes to attract customers so that women of all sizes can buy. It is thought that certain dress styles look good in smaller styles. This concept has to be changed and all women irrespective of their sizes should be treated equally. The choice should be of the customer to select a particular dress pattern, and not dictated by the clothing industry.

In the future, shopping should be made enjoyable to women of all sizes. It should be noted that curvy women are in the top list of fashion divas.